March 26, 2012

Spring Has Sprung Early!

Were you part of the March heat wave? 9 straight days of recording breaking heat here in Michigan. Who would ever have imagined that?! We actually had several days in the 80s and the night time lows were only around 60. Perfect, perfect weather!!

Beyond the beautiful days, we were given tons of green stuff sprouting all around. This is far earlier than normal. Most of these flowers and plants aren't seen in my yard for another 4 weeks or so. Even the grass has turned a bright spring green.

Today it's only 45* and I am missing those warm temperatures even though I know they'll be back eventually. Also there is a freeze watch for tonight so all the farmers in the area will be worrying about those early buds and flowers. The crops may be in trouble if they freeze.

Lets keep our thoughts warm tonight.


  1. I'm loving this weather, and it looks like your llama is too.

  2. Beautiful pictures! We are back to reality in Massachusetts. It was just sleeting about an hour ago... Funny to think 1 week ago it was 85 degrees!!




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