January 22, 2010

Fiber Fun Wednesday -- Washing fiber

Friday has magically become Wednesday this week...because I said so. :o)

In preparation of much spinning and dyeing, I am trying to get at least half of the bags of fiber washed. These are poor abandoned bags of alpaca fiber from our shearing last June. They sat in my unfinished bathtub (long story) just waiting to feel the love up until a few days ago when I moved them to my office.

The overstuffed office. Scary, huh?

I had skirted quite a few of these bags of fiber before Christmas so it's not a lot of work. Just water, water, and more water everywhere with fiber soaking in an attempt to get clean. Probably more than just an attempt since the fiber is coming out much cleaner than it went in.

I have made it through most of the whites and will go on to the darker colors next.

I've got to keep workin' hard because we have officially launched our Fiber CSA this week. Now you can have your own little part of Tomorrow Farm Alpacas. All the details can be found on our website and can currently be purchased in our etsy shop.

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