January 25, 2010

Free Taste of Home Magazine!!

I was just at the grocery store this past weekend and saw the current edition of Taste of home in the checkout lane. I nearly put it on the belt with the milk and such, but decided I had better things to spend $3.99 on. Besides I had enough recipes waiting at home begging me to make them. (If you've been in my kitchen you've seen the bookcase of cookbooks).

It must have been divine intervention that night because today I came across a link for a FREE digital copy of that same current edition I had seen at the store. I've already read through most of it and I'm starving now. :)

It's in PDF form and about 14MB so if you have dial-up it may take awhile, but it's FREE. Love that word!

Here's the link: http://www.tasteofhomedigital.com/tasteofhome/20100203#pg1

Enjoy and happy cooking!

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