November 20, 2011

Frustrating Craft Show

Boy, what a weekend.....

We had a craft show yesterday. This is a craft show we've done before so I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong.

Last weekend we vended at a new Art show that far exceeded my expectations. In sales that is, not size. It was small (26 vendors), set in a church and well planned. I love well planned events. We did really well. It helped that the organizers talked up our alpaca products and yarns, but there was also a decent amount of traffic through the show. I did so well I was able to purchase my studio lights for taking better product photos. Yeah!

Yesterday was another small local craft show. We did pretty well last year and it's local so we get a lot of our local repeat customers wandering by to see us. Um....where were the people this year??

There was no traffic at all. In six hours there may have been 100 people come through. I hate it when things become a waste of time. I'm not really trying to blame the organizers of this event although I heard there was something about the signs along the road being taken away a few days prior. It was just plain painful to sit there all day staring at the booth across from us.

In six hours I sold exactly $43.50 worth of product. I have to wonder if this is a localized economy thing or if it really wasn't advertised as they said. Now I'm left wondering if I should add this craft fair to our schedule again next year. 

One bright spot.....I got several more rows done on my Georgiana shawl.

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