November 09, 2011

An Apology and New Directions

I've been absent lately. I'm sorry for that. I could give you lots of pretty excuses, but there's really only one. I was feeling completely burnt out. Blogging had become a chore to get done and it wasn't fair to anyone,
especially you.

I've done some thinking and have decided to take this blog back to its roots. I'm dedicating it to the farm and the fiber arts that happen here. The main focus will be fiber, spinning, knitting and anything else fibery that inspires me. I'm sure the alpacas will still make the occasional appearance too.

For now I will keep the recipe tab at the top for all of you that have come to love the farm food goodies. And because for some of these recipes, this is the only copy I have. Oops.

Other things, like the weekly recipe and blog hops will be gone. I know not everyone will stick around for this journey, but for those of you that do....I promise not to leave you hanging again.


  1. Good luck. We will miss your recipe link party but it sounds like this is your passion.



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