December 09, 2011

FAF: New Pattern - Snowfall

Remember that pattern I talked about writing last Friday? I finally released it into the world yesterday.

Sending a pattern off into cyberspace is terrifying. Really, really terrifying. Will people like it? Could I have done any more to make it better? These questions kept me up most of the night. No matter how many patterns I create, these same fears assault me every time.

I get over it thought because seeing the pictures of my pattern pop on Ravelry is such a thrill! And then seeing people favorite the pattern and queue it and then make it.......awesome!

I know I did my best creating this and the test knitters loved it and gave great feedback so I know there shouldn't be much to worry about, but still, I'll probably stew about it for a while.

I am excited to share it with you and the weather almost cooperated so I could take pictures. I would have preferred some snow on the ground, but mother nature wouldn't listen to my pleas.
So here it is......Snowfall. Fingerless mitts inspired by the first snow of the season. The pattern can be found in Ravelry and in our Etsy shop.


  1. That is a beautiful pattern! I'm just finishing my very first sweater, so now I feel like I can maybe handle something new. :-)

  2. it's a beautiful pattern! I love the color you've chosen too

  3. wonderful pattern and I love your mug :)

  4. I was so happy to be a test knitter for these! The pattern is awesome!!! It looks harder than it is.

    Great job Stephani!



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