April 13, 2012

Friday Fiber Arts ~ Toe-Up Cast On

Happy Friday! Hooray for the weekend!

I learned something new this week. Actually, it was something I had been putting off for quite awhile.

I bought a magazine awhile ago that had the cutest little slipper pattern in it. Seriously, aren't they adorable? I like the fact that they are lightweight for warmer weather instead of big and bulky like my winter slippers. They looked fairly easy to knit except for one thing......they cast on at the toe. shudder

I've knit socks before, but all the patterns I used started at the cuff. Starting at the toe seemed absolutely foreign and terrifyingly difficult. How does one go about casting on so you can knit on both sides??? The instructions in the pattern itself weren't helping at all and in fact were doing their bests to justify my fear.

Thank goodness for YouTube! How did we survive before the web and the amazing videos on it? I found a video that clearly explained what I needed to do and turned what was a scary knitting technique into piece of cake. Really! It was so easy! Not much different than my normal long-tail cast-on. Yay!

My slippers are now well on their way to being ready for my feet. I'm nearly to the heal on the first and can't wait to cast-on the second to try out my newly learned technique again.

Here is the video I found most helpful. There were others, but this was my favorite.

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  1. They do look adorable! Good luck with your new cast-on knowledge!



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