April 05, 2012

Our Newest Additions

We brought home 18 new little additions to our farm yesterday. They peep, peck and are utterly adorable!

I wasn't sure if we'd ever get more chickens after the great chicken massacre of '11. The raccoons had gotten in the chicken coop and none of the poor little chickens survived. I spent the winter missing the fresh eggs though so we put our heads together and came up with plans for what will hopefully be a raccoon proof new coop.

The new coop will be going up in the backyard soon, but in the meantime, the chicks are hanging out in my laundry room in a what was a giant plastic horse trough. They seem quite content to just hang out under the heat lamp.

I did see this one that tried to climb into the feeder. Just her little butt was hanging out!


  1. they are adorable....we just got 6 new chicks ourselves. yesterday. we have been talking about it for months, but tractor supply had a great sale on a roost and pen kit, so we decided to jump in. I can't wait for fresh eggs. And I'm sorry to hear about the great massacre...I would have cried. :(

  2. Have fun with those fluffy little chicks! I've been toying with the idea myself. Just not sure I want to deal with new chicks and a GSD who would like to have a small snack. Have fun with the chicken project. Love the photos!



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