March 16, 2011

Finding Time for Me

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Finding time for yourself really seems like a foreign concept when you are a mom. Add in homeschooling, a home business and a full time farm.....Where is the time for me?

I love peoples' reactions when they start to talk to me at festivals, farmers markets and other events. They look our booth over and ask the inevitable question, "You make all this yourself?" Of course the answer is yes, but about this time one of my kids wonder over and then the conversation slides into the oh you're a mom too. You know the conversation I'm talking about right?

Long story short, by the time I'm through explaining that yes, we make all this. Yes, we do this full time. Yes, we have a billion kids. Yes, we homeschool. Yes, the kids are around 24/7 and I still manage to make all this. The person I'm talking to has a look of panic like maybe my crazy, busy life is contagious.

It makes me feel like pulling my hair out because suddenly I realize....wait, how do I do this? Most days I'm not sure how I get everything done and other days nothing at all gets done. And if you've ever been to my house you know that doing the dishes is always absolute last on my to-do list. I hate doing the dishes. {shudder}

All I know is that to keep it together I have to find some me time. I've tried several things including hiding in the bathroom with the shower running, but someone always came along and started banging on the door.

I finally found my sanity in a favorite childhood past time....reading. I used to read a lot and when I say a lot I mean more than 1 book a day. It's something that I gave up for a long time, but I've figured out how to fit it into my already crazy day.

Just 5 minutes here or there is enough to let me relax. I've found I can read a bit while making dinner or 10 minutes while the kids are brushing their teeth. I am no longer reading a book a day, but I am able to finish a book in a week or so.

I look forward to those little bits of time. I still get out once a month or so for some real me time, but when I can't, a book is a great escape even if only for a few minutes.

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  1. I know what you mean about the reading time. My life isn't nearly as full as yours but my things seem to be on the bottom of the list no matter what. Last week we were on vacation and while my kids were in three days of ski lessons I read two entire books, it was awesome!!

  2. I taught literature for 18 years and loved to read on a daily basis. That all changed when I married my farmer, had the first of two beautiful girls on the way, and decided to retire to the farm. I am finally finding some time back for me to read. I have to admit that I can sometimes go crazy and read a book a day (like I did when I got a hold of the Hunger Games series!). I call it my escape!



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