March 29, 2011

Day 2: Skill + 1UP

Look back over your last year of projects and compare where you are in terms of skill and knowledge of your craft to this time last year.

What have I learned over the past year? Hmmm.......time to think.

A year ago I was just barely starting my yarn business and the extent of my knitting skills was making hats and scarves.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I had mastered basic sock knitting, but in my opinion that wasn't hard at all. I'm not sure why the fear of sock knitting is passed from one knitter to another.

My greatest fear was chart knitting. All of those symbols and lines! I couldn't figure out how it all went together. I came across so many patterns I wanted to knit, but they all had charts for instructions. I felt like screaming "what's wrong with written directions?!"

Last summer I finally came across a project that I had to make even though it had a chart. (You can read about that project here.) I spent sooo much time googling how to read the chart. I think it took less time to actually knit the bonnet than learn how to.

After that I once again steered clear of charted patterns. I still didn't feel comfortable with them.

Fast forward to this past Christmas when I met the most amazing group of women in a local knitting guild. They are all so nice and watching them knit such amazing creations makes me want to knit more complex projects.

Recently the guild decided to have a knit along. There were 2 projects to choose from. A cute, simple shawl and a lace cowl. I wanted to knit that cowl so badly.

I printed off the pattern and stared at it for days. I was pretty sure I understood it and decided to dive right in. I was terrified to knit using the chart for the pattern. I even wrote out the instructions line by line, but the funny thing was I got it. I actually got the hang of it!

I am now flying through the start of the second chart and I don't need to write it out! I feel like I've walked a million miles to reach this milestone!

Maybe next I'll learn cables. {shudder}

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  1. *Shudder* chart reading... I am no where near ready for that task yet..Congrats XD

  2. I was afraid of charts for the longest time, too. when I finally tried one, I found I really liked it.



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