January 31, 2011

The Big One?

Have you seen the news? Maybe a national weather report?

The snow is coming they say and it's supposed to be big. Blizzard like conditions are expected with snowfalls of 1"-2" per hour for several hours. That is a whole lot of snow!

When you hear a storm predicted like this what do you do? Do you freak out? Move to Florida? Or do you just take it in stride being that this is in fact winter?

I stopped at the store today and it was packed and so busy! Normally a Monday early afternoon finds the grocery store quiet and uneventful. The only thing I can figure is that people were panicked about the storm.

I've seen the news reports before where people are clearing the shelves of water and canned foods. I've never seen it in person though. Today wasn't that bad, but I'm sure things may be more scarce tomorrow if people keep freaking out.

I made sure we had enough milk, TP and tissues, but most everyday we are ready for something like this.

The pantry is well stocked, we have wood for heat piled up and plenty of books and other non-electric things to do in case the power goes out. Storms and power outages don't bother us much because we are prepared.

Are you?

How will you spend this week's blizzard?


  1. If we get the kind of weather they say we are supposed to get, my office will hopefully shut down. Otherwise, I might just not go into work and take a vacation day. My commute is an hour and a half and I hate being on the roads in bad weather! I hope everyone stays safe!

  2. I'm dreading this storm!! I'm just hoping it's not as bad as they make it sound, because it sounds pretty awful. They are forecasting 14" for us. After all the snow we've received lately, I'm ready to move back to Phoenix!

  3. We don't get much store where I live now...I'm thankful for that! I grew up in New England and while I love the snow while it's falling, I don't enjoy cleaning it up:)

  4. I hope we get it! Can't wait for 20" of snow!! I love to get all tucked in with lots of candles and blankets... some books and games... I even picked up whipping cream at the store today for snow cream! ; )

  5. We don't get snow at all where I live in California, maybe a freak hail storm here and there, but that is about it. Now earthquakes on the other hand, we get quite a few. They range for little baby rumbles to big ones that could destroy your house. We are always prepared with canned goods and food. We actually have an outdoor pantry with food and water, just in case.

  6. Completely hoping that we just don't lose power from the inch and a half of ice they are predicting for us. I will be fine as long as I have power. I have a bathroom to pain, packing to do, laundry to fold. That should keep me busy till about 2013.

  7. they are calling for 1-2" of ice where I'm at. I'm most concerned about the power going out, but have lots of batteries, water and food to keep us going. Hope you stay safe and warm.

  8. We are under similar warnings here and have tried to prepare as best we can. We have candles, matches, a sterno canister and fondue pot handy (for heating up soup and other simple things), hard boiled eggs, cold meats, cheese, sandwich bread and milk.

    We've also begun making extra ice in our freezer just in case we lose power and need to refrigerate things--of course, if it gets cold enough we could just stick it outside in the snow/ice :)



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