August 02, 2011

Wine & Wool Festival

This past Saturday we were vendors at the 2nd annual Wine & Wool Festival at Sandhill Crane Winery in Jackson, MI. This was the first outdoor festival we've done in 2 years that it didn't rain. What a relief! Although it was unbelievably hot.

This was also the first fiber festival that the kids haven't come along with us. They are usually very well behaved at these festivals and most of the vendors know that they belong to us because we see the same vendors over and over again.....I just didn't feel that a winery was the place for them to be running around. It made for some nice mommy and daddy quiet time.

(grape vines)

I saw so many of my favorite local vendors. These are some very, very talented women. I couldn't help but spend some of the days profits on fluffy goodies. I even bought a pattern for a sweater that maybe I'll eventually get the nerve to make. Sweaters scare me, but this one was really pretty.

The highlight of the day though was meeting the queen of Phatfiber herself. Do you remember when I told you about Phat fiber? The lady behind it all lives in Illinois, but drove all the way to Michigan to visit the phatties at Wine & Wool. Considering nearly all the vendors were phat fiber contributors I can understand the visit. So many of us know eachother online, but how many chances do you get to meet online friends?

It really was the best part of the day and I now have a face to put with the hands on the Phat video. If you don't know about Phat fiber you really need to check it out and the video every month is hilarious!

Our next festival is in just a couple weeks and isn't really a festival, but an exhibit at the county fair. It should be fun!

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