August 20, 2011

A Day at the County Fair

This past week was our County Fair. It's the one thing we all look forward to every year, but it also signals that summer is nearly over and school will start soon. Sad I know, but after this super heated summer I'm ready.

This year the kids all took 3 craft projects apiece to compete in 4-H. Between them they made a crocheted shawl, knit mini socks and fingerless mitts and many, many baked goods. We even took an improvised Lego ship. That thing was hard to transport!

All the projects got blue ribbons, but 3 very special projects got Best in Class awards. I'm so proud of them!! The girls are headed in their momma's footsteps in the knitting and crocheting categories. :o)

After all that we got to spend some time enjoying the fair. I always love going through the open class project barn and the animal barns. Except the draft horse barn. *shudder* Walking behind horses that look like elephants and are so tall I could walk under them (I'm 5'11") without ducking does not do my nerves any good at all.

The fair food always cracks me up. Is there anything they haven't tried to deep fry? Do people actually eat this stuff? And really....who wants to eat fried rice while walking around?

The amount of fried food is always astonishing, but I think the deep fried chocolate cookie had to be one of the most inventive and expensive. One cookie was $4!!! We managed to avoid the food and still enjoyed our visit. I think my arteries will thank me one day.

Here's a quick photo recap of the fair.


  1. Congrats to your kids on their ribbons! I LOVE county fairs and can't miss the food, fried and all. It's only once a year and I limit myself. Our food is all through local fundraising efforts so I love to support them. Yay for summer county fairs!

  2. Great post. Congrats to all your winners! Come visit us today. We have a wonderful tomato pie recipe.



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