October 10, 2009

PJ beginnings

Did you ever have a season just sneak up on you without you ever realizing?

Summer was strangely cool so when fall appeared on the horizon I wasn't paying any attention. The leaves had started to turn, the garden had given up the ghost and the most obvious sign, the furnace was on. Now, don't you think a girl would notice these things and think....oh, I should get all that sewing done so we can stay warm this winter. Nope. So this is what I am now stuck with.
A large pile of fabric just waiting to be turned into winter pj's for the kids. Where to start?

Well, I started in the most obvious place. :) Pick a pattern and fabric, and just dive in. First up was a really cute penguin flannel I got from my mom. Not quite enough so we are adding a red flannel to go with it. Ok, next step.
Lay the fabric out and pin all the pattern pieces to it. Get the scissors. Cut out all pieces, avoiding pins and fingers. Those little pattern lines are sometimes tricky. Why do they have to put so many sizes on top of eachother? I know it's to save space, but still.

Now I've got all my fabric pieces cut, on to the sewing. After reading the instructions twice, I get started, making sure I have my pieces with right sides together. It's like cutting wood, "measure twice, cut once". I double check everything before I make that first stitch.

I have the front sewn together and the back sewn together, now to put the front and the back together. Should be simple enough. It's only a straight line after all. Well, apparently not that simple. Seems I caught something I shouldn't have in the seam. Seam ripper, where are you?

There seems to be a lot of drama going on with this nightgown. :(

Sleeves are coming next. Gather them up and then sew the elastic in the cuffs. Not too bad if I do say so.

How many of you enjoy hemming things? Not me. It's my least favorite part, but it always happens to be last. Makes it really hard to finish things sometimes. I'm a good girl today though. I finish the hemming without much complaining although I did stick myself a few times.

All that work and I now have a completed nightgown! Yeah!! (Thanks to Kayla for holding it up) Now I just have 5 more nightgowns and 3 pairs of pants to go. Remind me to make them in summer next time. :D

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