March 05, 2010

Be Careful What you wish for....

Just 2 days ago I was making a blog post about my overly ambitious plans to skirt, wash, card, spin and knit a skirt for the National Alpaca Conference by May 5th. I was doubting my sanity and wondering if I'd ever have the time to get it done.


Shortly after that I took a tumble down the stairs.

Don't worry. Nothing's broken, but things aren't exactly perfect either. The bruises to my back and foot are enough to keep me in my chair most of the time.

This has allowed me to get a huge start on my project. All of Chu Chu's fleece is now skirted and washed. I was even able to start carding up some of it and gave about an ounce a whirl on the wheel. It's spinning up great even in my novice hands. Considering I've only finished 4 skeins of yarn, I'm doing pretty good I think.

So be careful what you wish don't know how you'll end up getting it.

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