March 03, 2010

Fiber Fun Wednesday -- I may be crazy, but it'll be crazy fun

There is nothing more crazy than waiting 'til the last minute to do something. Now, technically this isn't the last minute, but....let me explain.

I decided today, completely out of the blue, to make something for the fiber arts competition at the National Alpaca Conference. The deadline to enter is May 5th. Maybe not too terrible if I wanted to make something simple like a scarf or a hat. Even a pair of socks might be okay.

Unfortunately I can't make it that easy, I decided that I am going to make a knitted skirt. The first I've ever tried to make.

It gets better.....I'm going to spin up the yarn for it myself. Again, not too bad, but....

The fleece I've decided to use is still in the bag from shearing. It hasn't even been skirted yet.

Now do you think I'm crazy?? I know I do, but I always seem to do my best work up against a deadline. I hope that holds true in this case.

The alpaca who is lovingly donating her fiber to me is named Chu Chu. She is a beautiful medium brown suri who at the moment is really filling out with her first pregnancy. She looks so cute pudging out in the middle. She's bred to the amazing WWR Rockstar's Golden Sun (yes his daddy is Our Accoyo Peruvian Rockstar). Can't wait to see that baby. :o)

I'll keep you up to date on the progress and together we can see if I make this crazy deadline.

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