March 18, 2010

The Mark of a True Farm Girl

I never dreamed that I would spend my life on a farm, let alone be happy about it.

I used to be a big city girl. I loved the crowds, the restaurants. I loved the fact that no matter which way you turned you could find whatever it was you were looking for. Everything was within reach. There were malls and malls and more malls with shoes. Lots of shoes. I like shoes.

I bought lots of shoes. Fancy high heels, strappy sandals, and even boots with 4 inch heels. (Totally fun since I'm already 5'11").
Somewhere along the way of big city life I met my husband. He is not a big city guy. He convinced me that country living wouldn't be too bad and dropped me here in the middle of nowhere.

The animals came later of course after I had gotten used to the idea of farm life. I constantly get the reaction from old friends and even family where they say "I never imagined you living on a farm?!?!"

I've come along way in 10 years. Today is in fact our 10th anniversary which I suppose has made me reflect on this topic.

I've come so far in fact that as I think of the old "big city" me I want to laugh at her. She was pretty selfish and crazy at times, but I envy her, her shoes.

I've learned to love every aspect of farm life. Of course some things are better than others. The art of homemaking especially fascinates me. I must have been a pioneer wife in a past life or something. :o)

The point of all this is that I've decided that the mark of a true farm girl is this...where do you take your fancy shoes? Do your shoes only get to see the office or a night out?

I realized that in the last few days I haven't bothered to wear my rubber barn boats out to do chores. Instead I've been wearing my shoes. The same ones that I wear to town or a 4-h meeting or even church (yes I've worn heels to do chores).

Yup, the mark of a true farm girl is that she is willing to walk in those pastures without a thought as to what is on her feet.

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