August 03, 2010

Canning is a Family Affair

As I've said before, canning season is upon us and everyone has a part to play.

The most exciting part for the kiddos is frenching the green beans. Frenching green beans?!?!?! I bet you're wondering what that is.

Have you ever bought canned green beans at the store that were labeled french-style? They're cut lengthwise instead of cut into bean stubs. That's what the kids do.

We have this cute little contraption that clamps onto the table and as they turn it, it cuts the beans. They fight over the fat ones because they're "squirters". Basically, the bean is juicy and as it's cut it squirts bean juice up and occasionally hits them in the face. For whatever reason this cracks them up. It also keeps them busy so I can get more canning done.

The grand total of jars so far is:
  • 12 dill pickles
  • 13 Bread & Butter pickles
  • 14 Sweet pickles
  • 5 peas
  • 9 corn
  • 47 green beans
  • 6 pizza sauce
That's 106 jars so far if my math is right. That doesn't count the few jars that didn't seal. Those went in the fridge

The pizza sauce was big surprise. I wasn't expecting enough tomatoes yet to do anything. It was a very nice surprise though because we've been out for awhile now.

Now I'm off to sit down. This canning stuff is a lot of work. ;)


  1. New to the Blog-o-sphere, and this is my first linky party.
    Visiting on Follow Me Back Tuesday. I'm at

    I'm curious about your recipe for pizza sauce. I'm gearing up for salsa, but the pizza sauce would be just as useful in my house! It never ocurred to me to can THAT!

  2. Good for you! What a lovely, fun time you will have "shopping" on your own shelves.

  3. What a great family activity! And a great way to have food storage.

  4. I want a garden so bad. I can remember my grandmother canning EVERYTHING. This last fall my grandfather gave me my grandmothers canner. Since then I have mastered preserves. How I love to make jams and jellies.

    Can't wait to read more of your blog.

    your newest follower via FMBT.

  5. HI! Just visiting from New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative. I am so jealous of your larder! I had started on a vegie garden, but have lost momentum...I'm 24wks pregnant so I think that is fair enough! Hopefully this time next year I might be able to can a few items!

  6. I have a bin full of peaches that I need to put up this weekend. I just love the look of freshly canned veggies all lined up.



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