August 12, 2010

Crafty Friday 8/13 - Mini Knitting

Friday the 13th. :( I'm not that superstitious, but nothing good ever happens on Friday the 13th. Maybe this time it'll be different. Here's to wishful thinking!

Welcome to Crafty Friday and if you're new to the neighborhood it's simply a gathering of friends sharing their crafty ideas. It doesn't matter if it's knitting, spinning, painting, gluing, cooking, baking or creative recycling. We love all the ideas that come through here and it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect. We'll still love you!

Before I tell you about what I've been up to this week, let me tell you about a cool new site I discovered this week. It's called The Hive and it's a place full of crafty people. You can read lots of blogs from talented people and interact with fellow crafters. They even have a point system for things you do on the site so you can have some friendly competition going on as well. You can check it out here.

Okay on to the craftiness!

This week I've attempted something I have never done before. Do I have your attention yet? Drum roll please....

I am writing my own knitting patterns! AHH! Scary!! After 5 years or so of knitting I have taken up the challenge of using my own patterns.

They were born from the fact that I could not find what I was looking for anywhere. I could find ones close, but not quite right. So with a little math, some hard thinking and a lot of frogging (ripping out) I came up with these. A little sock and hat.

What do you think? I used some of my new line of sock yarns (specifically Klondike in Summer Storm) and made them. I was surprised at the way they striped, but they are just too darn adorable.

Would you like to see them to scale?

Tiny aren't they? I hope to have the patterns available to you next week, but what's in my head and the notes I scribbled as I went may not translate so well to paper. We'll see.

So what are you up to this week?

Do you have something to share? Let us know what you’re working on this week! It can be photos of a project, instructions, recipes, or anything else you feel is "crafty". If you have something to share with us on your blog, add your link to the current week's party. Just please be sure to:
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Home Sweet Farm


  1. HI,
    I am your new follower!

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  2. Visiting you from the blog hop. Looking forward to viewing your posts. Stop by sometime and check me out.

  3. Visiting you from the blog hop.

  4. Hi, I am hosting a Facebook Friday Hop on my Blog and I would love for you to enter. It is a great way to gain new followers on Facebook.

    Hope to see you there.

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  5. OMG, that sock and hat are awesome! What did you use for needles?? Toothpicks?! Following from Friendly Friday Follow.

  6. Hello I'm a new follower from the blog hop. Hope you have a wonderful day


  7. I am following you from Social Parade friday!

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  8. Your little hat and socks are gorgeous! They make me wish I could knit!! (Well, I can, but only enough to make scarves and squares!!)

  9. My 15 yo daughter loves to knit! I can't wait to show her this!
    Thank you for hosting and allowing us to share out creativity!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I don't think it's crazy to be afraid of Friday the 13th, it's true bad things just seem to happen! When I was little my dog ran away on Friday the 13th, and ever since then I have been superstitious on Friday the 13th.

    I'm visiting from New Friend Fridays The Trendy Treehouse.

  11. I love that you took the picture of the sock and hat with a dollar bill.. they are so tiny!! :) Very cute!

    Linking up with my "how to install cute fonts" tutorial! :)

    Thanks for hosting,

  12. what cute little things! My daughter would love those for her dolls, knitting is going to be on my 'learn to do in 2011' list. Of course I think it was on the list in 2008 or 09 but never made it happen...

    Here from tidymom, happy friday!

  13. These are so freaking adorable. I crochet cute critters, and these would be wonderful accessories. Great job. I already follow you. Just saying hello.

  14. Hey! I am visiting from NFF!!
    I just became a new follower :) and joined the linky party :D

  15. Hi there I am your newest FFF friend.
    Stop by and say HI:)

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  17. Those are tiny little knits!

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  18. Happy Friday the 13th!! Following you from the BlogHop. Working on some crafty posts for my blog..I'll be sure to follow yours and share mine when they're ready....great blog!

  19. I linked up one of my recent projects!

  20. I am a new follower!! Stopping in from Follow Friday!

  21. These are cute! Love the colors you used here.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!



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