August 09, 2010

CSN Review...Finally!

I told you this review was coming over a month ago, and finally it is here! I hope it was worth waiting for!! I was given an opportunity to review an online shopping experience with If you haven't heard of CSN stores before, you are missing out! With over 200 stores all in one place, you can buy nearly anything you want without leaving your house-which is very important to me, a mother of 6 (3 at home), living life far from town!

I received a 40.00 shopping spree for the purpose of review and had a blast trying to decide what to review. If you know me at all, you know I love to spend time in the kitchen. I am completely fascinated by kitchen gadgets and although I'm limited on space I still always seem to buy some.

It was an obvious choice to pick my review products from the CSN store There were so many things to choose from. I had a tough time choosing. I will say though that I wish CSN had a better "similar product" feature more like Amazon's or a "people who bought this also bought" feature. Something that brought similar products more into view. I was specifically looking for tall shot glasses (for desserts), but couldn't find any and there was no easy similar products feature when I looked at other shot glasses.

The checkout process was painless and easy and I liked the constant email updates as to the status of my order. Also the items shipped in a timely manner and both shipped before the "your item will ship by" dates. I did find it amusing that one showed up by UPS and the other FedEx.

So what did I get?? I picked out this awesome marble rolling pin because I've been wanting one for forever and have never found one I like. It's beautiful and heavy which makes it great for rolling out pie crust. It even came with a base so it doesn't roll off the counter. Of course it's so pretty that I have to leave it on the counter to look at.
I also got a stainless bread box. It nice and functional. It holds more than I thought it would. I had a loaf of bread, a package of bagels and a package of hamburger buns all in there at once.
Overall I had a great experience with CSN stores and I will definitely be back again. Maybe I'll finally get that food processor I've been drooling over. They had that too.

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  1. Hello from a fellow Farm Wife via Meet Me Monday. I enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to your posts. Have a great week! =)



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