August 19, 2010

Crafty Friday 8/20 - Felted Slippers

Happy Friday!!

Welcome to Crafty Friday and if you're new to the neighborhood it's simply a gathering of friends sharing their crafty ideas. It doesn't matter if it's knitting, spinning, painting, gluing, cooking, baking or creative recycling. We love all the ideas that come through here and it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect. We'll still love you!

Last week I mentioned I had written my very first knitting patterns to make little mini knits. Those were a lot of fun and I hope to have them ready to release to the public soon, but I couldn't just leave it at those so I had to make something else up.

Once again I went on a search for a type of pattern and found nothing that met my needs. I've been wanting to try making felted slippers or technically fulled slippers (we'll save the distinction for another day). I love the idea of knitting a project and then felting it vs. just felting it around a mold or freehand. I think it gives a bit more control over the final size.

Anyway, I wasn't able to find anything so I just kind of started and made it up as I went. I knitted the slippers, finished the seams and then used the washing machine to felt it. Like magic I had a beautiful pair of slippers. Now the only trick is if I can do it again! :o)

Oh I also dyed up some certified organic merino yarn in a sport weight. We've got a few festivals coming up so I won't be putting it up on Etsy, but if you're interested in it don't hesitate to speak up.

So what are you up to this week?

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  1. I linked up my key chains post!

  2. I like both those things! I've got to give felting a try soon:)

  3. I didn't actually make anything I just made something better. I hung various baby toys on the loops of my daughters plain baby gym. I change it up to include objects that have sound and texture that would be interesting to her. Every time I put her down for some floor time she has a new interest. This probably isn't a craft but it sure felt crafty!

  4. Hi there~I am a new follower from Boost my Blog Friday! Love the felting~ I look forward to reading more of your blog posts

    stop by and say hello

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  6. Your slippers look fantastic! I usually find that my knitting is better/more fun wihtout a pattern! I recently made a funny hat with no pattern.... wish I had one now though to duplicate it! Check it out...

  7. Your newest follower from blog hop Friday. What a great site!

  8. Found you on one of the Friday Follows. I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog!


  9. Visiting from the blog hops. Great blog! I can't wait to see more. Follow back if you can.

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  12. New follower from TidyMom, I'll have to do something crafty for next week!

  13. Love those felted slippers, hope you do a pattern! I just freestyled a hat but didn't write it down as I went along :-( Will have to remember next time.



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