July 25, 2010

The Parade That Almost Wasn't

Do you ever make big plans and then have something completely out of your control mess it up?

We were supposed to be in a parade this past weekend, but this is what we woke up to.

Rain, rain and more rain.

There is this little tiny town about 10 minutes south of us. Actually, if we didn't homeschool, this would be the schools our kids would be in. We never spend much time there and it's one of those places that if you blink while driving through you'd miss it.

They have one small grocery store, a gas station that doesn't always have gas (that's a whole other story), and a funeral home. That's about it. No lights and no stop signs.

What they do have going for them though is a great farmer's market, a nice park and Lizzie's aunt living there. It seems they also have a homecoming celebration (not the football kind). This includes a community parade, a carnival and some fun.

I had never participated in any of these things, but was recently asked to take pictures of the float by Lizzie's aunt & uncle were putting together. Of course I love any opportunity to take pictures, but that rain was freaking me out.

The amazing thing was that by line-up time the rain was letting up and when the parade took off the rain had ended. Talk about divine intervention 'cuz I was sure that rain was never going away.

We had a lot of fun even though we were all wet and I'm already looking forward to next year. Just a little less rain please!


  1. I always enjoy a good small town parade and the collage of pictures is really nice. I wanted to let you know that myself and another blogger are hosting a "Canning Week Blog Party" August 23-27th. We will be posting tips and recipes, having give-aways and a linky party. I know you are a fellow canner so I hope you will stop by and check it out!!!!

  2. Looks like a nice little size parade for such a small place - great pictures. It's is funny how the rains always lets up at the start of a parade when everyone is thinking about going home. I'm sure you were dry before you knew it right? Smiles. Thanks for sharing this.


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  6. On the 24th? That's a little unusual. In my community, that's a state holiday, Pioneer Day, and so parades are common on that day for us. But I'm surprised to hear about other places doing something on that particular day. Cool.



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