February 07, 2011

Are you on Ravelry? Come join our new group.

All of you knitters, crocheters and fiber artists....have you ever poked around Ravelry?

Ravelry is such a wonderful place for fiber artists of all types to come and meet up, discuss what they are up to and of course the patterns are fun to search through.

Well, we have finally started a Ravelry group for our farm. Actually, we started it almost a month ago and it's freakishly quiet over there. I'm feeling lonely. :(

Currently we've got discussions going on class ideas for 2011 and have scheduled a dyeing day here at the farm in a couple weeks. Soon I hope to have a place for everyone to show off what they've made using our fibers, yarns and patterns.

I'd be honored if you'd stop by and say hello. Maybe even join if the mood strikes. You can find the group here.

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