February 01, 2011

Blizzard Warning!!

It's official. They have issued a blizzard warning. That's actually a pretty rare occurrence around here. I think that last real blizzard we had was about 10 years ago. Somewhere I have some crazy pictures of that storm.

The wind right now is the worst part. It's snowing a bit, but the wind is awful. I'm so glad we got all of the alpacas shut up in the barn for the night. I'd hate to think of anyone out in this storm. I wonder what the wind chills are. Then again maybe I don't.

I took this picture of the bench outside my back door just as it started snowing. Most of the snow they are predicting is supposed to fall tonight while we are sleeping, but I hope to get another picture of the storm to compare the bench later.

For all of you in the storms path. Stay safe, stay warm and stay home if you can.

I'll let you know how we are faring in the morning.


  1. Ha, ha! Take that warmer climate mommy! :p

    Right now we're getting our I-don't-know-what-number freezing rain. This of course is after 12+ inches last night and more predicted for tomorrow.

    Did I mention I hate snow?

  2. Hangin right there with ya! (Ok so I'm about 50 miles north.) So far so good! I made homemade chicken pot pie and old fashioned doughnuts. I even altered the doughnut recipe to make it healthier! Healthy doughnuts!



  3. We had a real blizzard here in Kansas City. The weather people on TV were having a hay day!! Worst storm they've seen in 25+ years. Yikes!!

  4. Down here in FL we have no concept of the weather and how treacherous it can be for everyone up there - be safe!



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