February 21, 2011

The Powers Out

Just a quick post because that's all I can do right now.

We had a big ice storm yesterday and our power's been out for 24 hours now. They are saying it should be back on tomorrow night. :(

I won't be able to post the Delectable Tuesday blog hop unless a miracle happens tonight.

Updated 2/22: A quick call to the power company this morning has given us a new restoration time of Thursday! AHHHHH! It's chilly, but not bad. The fireplace is keeping us warm at least in the living room. I just have soooo much I needed to get done this week.

The upside is I am getting a whole lot of knitting done.


  1. Aw, I hope your power comes back on soon. Stay warm!

  2. oh no !! I hope the power comes back soon! Stay warm dear ...

  3. My sister in Kalamazoo is without power too, they said Wednesdays for her. I hope you are warm enough!

  4. I love your Tuesday carnival. But i hope you get power for your own sake. I can live a week without the carnival. Stay warm,

  5. Oh I hope your power comes back soon! We had no heat last night and today and I so cant wait for summer! hugs to you and your family! Stay warm! Alex

  6. Please read today's post on my site - it means a lot to me. Read today's post (called "My dad") and, for the full story, read "A series special to my heart". The link to the series is found near the top of my sidebar. At the very top of my sidebar, you'll find a link that leads to a page devoted to blog hops for each day of the week.

    God bless you all.




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