February 15, 2011

May 5, 1930

This is the date on the newspapers that we found in the floor this week.

The youngest is getting a room makeover with new carpet and while working on the floor we found these papers. They're really fun to read. I always think of the 1930s as rather modern, but it just hit me that these papers are more than 80 years old!

How about these medical ads.... $8 for a set of teeth.

Laxative anyone?

Even back then they were worried about the number of motor vehicle deaths.

These sale ads were my favorite.

And of course we always have to keep up with what's in fashion. :o)

I hope you have enjoyed our 300th post!!


  1. egads! Glad they arent pushing girdles any more! Although, maybe I shouldn't talk...

    Thanks for this post!


  2. Wow I am taking a history class right now and this is so odd to see a newspaper from the era I am studying. To be back at $1 for curtans and $26 for furniture! Wonder what ppl will think of our prices in 80 years!

  3. Those are great! I love reading old newspapers:)

  4. LOL...that is great! Look at those fashions and those prices!!! That was so funny!



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