July 21, 2011

Are You Staying Cool?

Oh man is it hot outside!!

This year has had some weird weather. First there was a blizzard, then an ice storm and now a never ending heat wave. I'm sweating just typing this. Ugh!

It's been 4 straight days of triple digit "feels like" temps. It's really 90 some odd degrees and the dew point is around 80. Absolutely awful by anyone's standards. And it's supposed to be like this another 4 days.

Did I mention that we have no A/C? We're just trying to take it easy and hang out in front of the fan. I am also avoiding my studio at all costs because it's soooo hot. I will not be getting any work done this week.

It's not the people I'm worried about though. All the critters out in the barn look miserable. We've been filling water buckets 4 times a day and spraying down and alpacas that want a shower. I hope this weather breaks soon.

Are you in the middle of the heat wave? How are you staying cool?



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