July 09, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Week 1

Over in the online world of Ravelry there is something big going on. It's one of those things that a lot of people have waited all year for. It's the Tour de Fleece.

No it's not that biking race on the TV, but in a similar fashion we are spinning our fiber stash into yarn. Running from July 2nd until July 24th spinners all around the world are joining together online with the shared goal of making yarn!

There are all sorts of teams that you can join. I joined the Phat Fiber team and the Spinolution team. It's fun to share what we've done and see what others are spinning up at the same time.

I have noticed that some spinners are real die-hards. They are devoting several hours a day to spinning and have already completed several skeins. I wonder....can they keep the pace up? I've been rather slow at getting some spinning done. Mostly because we have been blessed with some amazingly sunny and warm days. There is so much work to be done during the summer on a farm. I can't pass on the good days and sit inside (or outside) spinning. Work first and then play.

I think we're due a rainy day. :) Hey weatherman!!

I have done a bit at night and I thought I would share my week 1 progress with you.

I am currently spinning a really nice superwash Merino that I got in a pre-tour swap. It's from Moonlight and Laughter. Isn't that name cool? I have managed to spin half of it into about 400 yards. Hopefully that other half will match and I can make a nice 2-ply sock yarn.

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