April 18, 2010

Open House at Amazin' Grazin' Alpacas


What a weekend.

After working like maniacs for the last couple weeks, we were finally ready to attend the open house at Amazin' Grazin' Alpaca Ranch. Unfortunately I forgot the camera so there's no pics. Sorry!

Amazin' Grazin' is in Schoolcraft, MI. They are actually the farm where we bought our very first breeding female, Sally.

Yesterday was their shearing day and they had an open house to celebrate the day. The sun was shining, but that was all that was good about the weather. It was cold and WINDY!! Despite the weather, there were lots and lots of people that showed up.

We brought our dyes and fiber, plus all the yarns and rovings that we'd done up. We also were demonstrating drum carding and how the fiber got from animal to spinning wheel. Everyone was so fascinated by that drum carder. I had many requests to pose with it. (I hate having my pic taken so this was especially difficult, but I did it with a smile)

We sold a few skeins of yarn, some fiber and even a few felted soaps. The remaining items are slowly working their way onto our etsy site.

The highlight of the day was when a huge gust of wind came along and ripped the shade tents out of the ground, stakes and all. It sent them flying like they were kites, startling everyone. Only minor damage at least. They were a little bent, but still usable.

I was sooo tired from battling the wind and the lack of sleep over the last week that by dinner I was passed out on the couch. Still a good day though and I can't wait to do it again.

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