April 28, 2010

Santchez Takes a Field Trip

It was a bright, sunny afternoon and the boys were out enjoying their brand new spring green pasture. Santchez and Jack were hanging out by the gate debating over the quality of grass on the other side.

"It must be better," Jack insisted. "They're keeping it all to themselves!"

"It's the same grass, Jack." Santchez said. "Just eat whats in front of you." Jack rolled his eyes and stuck his head through the gate anyway.

Suddenly, the great red monster pulled up to the barn. "FOOD!" The pacas yelled. The only time the great red monster came to the barn was to deliver new bags of food. Immediately they all took off for the barn in hopes of having a afternoon snack.

But there wasn't a snack waiting for them, it was the tall one. The tall one had one of those thingies that traps your head. "Run!" They shouted, but it was too late. The door had been closed behind them.

"Who is it for?" They questioned.

"Oh, please, not me." said Beau. "I just spent an entire weekend wearing that thing in some weird smelling, cold place."

"Not me!" said Dragonrider as he hid in the corner.

"I will." said Long Shot as the others stared at him. "What? It normally comes with treats."

"Look, he's going after Santchez." Jack said. The tall one had Santchez and was putting the thing on his head.

"If you get a treat, save some for us."

The others watched as Santchez walked out of the stall and down the hallway.

Now Santchez wasn't at all bothered by being led by the tall one. He trusted him and figured whatever was about to happen had to be more exciting then debating with Jack about the grass.

He was a little unsure about the great red monster, but the tall one encouraged him to get in, so in he went. Being an old pro at going places, he immediately took a seat and settled in for the ride.

Eventually the great red monster stopped and the tall one got out. "I wonder where I am?" thought Santchez.

The tall one opened the door and Santchez hopped out. "What kind of place is this?" he wondered. "There are no other pacas. Where are the pacas?? Where have you taken me?"

The tall one led him to a great door. This door opened by itself! Together they walked in and everywhere he looked there were people, but still no pacas. What could this place be?

As they walked people began looking at him. "Hey, I'm the only paca here! That makes me important!" said Santchez.
So people could see better, Santchez stopped and stood proudly. They began petting him and scratching under his chin. "Oh man, that feels good." said Santchez. "I can never reach that spot."

As the people scratched him, he could hear them talk to the tall one. Most of it he tuned out, but suddenly one question caught his attention. "Do you eat them?" he heard. "Eat ME?!?! NO!!" The tall one calmly answered "No. We don't eat them. We raise them for their beautiful fiber."

Santchez sighed. "Thank goodness. I was really worried for a minute."

The tall one and Santchez continued their walk through the people building. As they neared the exit, they stopped again. This time by something called paint. "Paint? Is that the stuff that colors the walls? If it is, I want blue this time." Santchez said to the tall one.

A few more pets and scratches and they were back to the great red monster. "Time to go?" asked Santchez. The tall one opened the door and in Santchez went.

"Whatever kind of people house you are, I'll miss you!" shouted Santchez. "I'll be back when that spot itches again!"

The ride home was quick and in no time Santchez was back in his stall. The other boys came running up asking questions so fast Santchez couldn't make them out.

Walking slowly back out to the green pasture, Santchez said, "You will never guess where I just was...."

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