April 30, 2010

Fiber Fun Friday -- Organizing and Sewing

I'm sure you're asking, what does organizing and sewing have to do with fiber? Well, let me tell you.

It's been ages since I was anywhere near my sewing machine. Actually, the last time I was using it was for Christmas projects. All the fiber, yarn and spinning has taken up my time.

I decided I needed a brief change. I pulled out the machine and dusted the layers and layers of dust off. I have tons of projects that have been sitting in the closet waiting for me to find the time, so what to start with...

Well, it's got to fiber related, right? I found the perfect project. A knitting needle case. What better way to organize than with a cool case. I have a serious problem keeping track of knitting needles. I swear they are in every room and never where they are supposed to be. I am constantly buying more because I can't find the right ones.

Problem solved! In just an afternoon I made up this cute little case and now my needles have a home. Now where to put the case so I can find it later??


  1. Love the fabric! It is beautiful. I think you should tie a string on the case and wrap it around the knob of your sewing/fiber room. That is if you have one...And if you are like me you stole your husband's photography room.

  2. LOL!. I didn't steal my husband's room, but I did turn the kids' into my studio. (We built them new rooms of course).

  3. Beautiful needle case. I really need to get my fabric and machine out and make me one, too! Oh, and fabric is fiber, too. :D


  4. Thanks for the compliments. It felt good to get my machine out again. I have a project bag in mind next.

  5. Nice needle case. Love things that are simple black and white. So formal looking. That red yarn in your shop is still looking very tempting...



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