May 01, 2010

Organizing Some More

Since I seem to be in the organizing spirit, I took on a larger project.....organizing the fabric stash.

~Cue the creepy Twilight Show theme song~

For years my fabric stash has been stored randomly around the house, with the majority of it taking over our bedroom. It's so bad that I can barely walk in there now. (I'd show you a pic, but we are so not going there)

Today my loving hubby built me shelves. Lots of shelves to stash my stash. These shelves are in the closet of the studio and will hopefully make my crazy life just a wee bit less crazy.

And yes, my fabric stash is way larger than my yarn stash.

I spent the afternoon filling them up. They are even organized by fabric type. I know I have a problem. :o)

Now how long they are going to stay that way may be up for debate, but today at least they are organized.

1 comment:

  1. Organizing is a continuous process. Doesn't it feel great though when you finish organizing a space?



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