May 09, 2010

Big Announcements!

As some of you have seen or heard we had one big announcement already this week. Our farm will soon be selling Spinolution wheels. These spinning wheel are AWESOME and I will let you know the second they arrive.

The second announcement is just as exciting, but also slightly terrifying.

We are now Full-Time farmers. That's right...Jim no longer works at Lowe's and I get to be his boss now (insert evil bad guy laugh).

As great as this is, it means we are now completely responsible for making the $$. Over the next few months you will see our fiber business expand and take off (fingers crossed since a lot of this is up to you guys). The veggies will also be a major player over the summer as we hit the farmers market with our tasty goodies.

Of course the 'pacas are always here and for sale to the right buyer. Babies are coming soon and we will eventually have to make some room by selling a few.

We just ask that even if you can't support us by buying our products, you can support us with your kind words, thoughts and encouragements. They mean a great deal to all of us.

The kids are absolutely ecstatic by this turn of events because Daddy's home all the time now. Mommy is happy, but not so ecstatic about the change of routines. We'll have some time to figure it out and I'll just have to become less of a control freak (ok, I'm not really that bad).

As always, we will keep you up to date on the farm happenings and look for Spinolution wheels to be arriving soon!


  1. I just discovered your blog through Ravelry. I look forward to following your farming journey as it is a goal of ours too.

  2. Brave souls! I think about this every day...figuring out how just ONE of us could afford to stay home full time! Sometimes I think it's just a matter of taking the step...and trusting that you'll either find solid ground to stand on, or be given wings to fly. Best of luck!



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