May 02, 2010

Recycling To Get a Barn Floor

Our motto around here is "Why buy new when you can make do".

About a week ago, a neighbor of my grandparents was re-landscaping his back yard. (Apparently this is something he does often.) He was going to throw away the deck boards he had taken out, but Grandpa, being a fellow fixer-upper, saved them and gave us a call.

We were able to use those deck boards to make a barn floor in the "storage & work" area of the barn. No more dirt floor! There is even enough leftover to make a small porch/deck off the barn so it looks pretty when people stop by.

Just think where those boards would have ended up if we hadn't brought them home.

1 comment:

  1. How cool! Our barn has a dirt floor and that looks like a wonderful improvement.

    Our first big barn project, however, is going to be replacing the missing roof sections. If we can figure out how to get up that high without killing ourselves.



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