May 07, 2010

Fiber Fun Friday -- Yoga socks

This week I've been working on a pair of yoga socks using a pattern passed on by a friend (Thanks Jennifer!). What are yoga socks? They are simply socks without a heel or toe (all the hard parts to knit). They keep your feet warm while allowing your feet traction on the ground. I suppose they'd also work well to keep your feet warm while giving yourself a pedicure.

The pattern I'm using can be found here. It's quite easy. It's actually given me some ideas for making my own pattern, but we'll save that for another day.

These socks are a milestone for me. Up 'til now I have spun and knit using rovings or batts I've bought on Etsy. These socks are made up of alpaca that was raised on our farm, sheared on our farm, washed, carded and dyed on our farm. Then it was guessed me.

Now I am knitting up these super soft and comfy socks in a lovely shade I call Watermelon. The striping was unintentional though, but you never now what you are going to get with hand-painted yarn.

I modified the pattern to knit on 2 circs because we all know I hate DPN. :P The one real advantage to knitting socks on 2 circs is you can try them on! You can know before you are done if they fit or need any adjustments.

I had hoped to have at least one sock done for today's post, but I got distracted by another sewing project. I made the cutest, funnest project bag. It actually stands up!! I always have a problem with bags because they flop over, but this one stands up making it super easy to use. It needs a little tweaking, but who knows, you may find it on Etsy some day. :o)

Anyway, happy Fiber Friday! I'm going to go finish my sock.


  1. Great job on the yoga socks - that is a milestone, to be using fiber that is truly all your own. Love the project bag too.
    Your Etsy is great - I just hearted your shop :)

  2. The socks are cool, but I really LOVE the project bag!!


  3. Ohh! Socks! I really hope to knit me some socks some day.

  4. I have yet to knit socks, but I have it as a goal to do so before the summer is out. I'll take the tip about the circular needles.

  5. I started these a while ago and never finished the second one. I Just sat down to finish these and the pattern has been deleted from the website! I can't even find it for purchase. Do you happen to have the pattern written down somewhere you could pass on? I hate to just scrap the project!



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