May 31, 2010

Planting Season

Have you ever seen the movie For Richer For Poorer with Tim Allen? It's one of my favorite movies.

If you haven't, it's basically a story about a couple that hiding out from the law (they're innocent) and end up on an Amish farm posing as cousins from Missouri. The movie lets you think that they fooled this Amish family into believing they are the cousins until the end when the couple comes back to visit and make amends for the trouble they caused. The Amish couple reveals that they knew all along that they were "English" and just choose not to say anything. When Tim Allen's character asks why, they reply "Planting season". They needed the help so they let them stay.

All week I've been walking around thinking about that and how when it's planting time I wish there was more help. I'd love to get all the planting done in one day instead of several, but I also know that I'm just picky enough that no one would ever do it as good or how I want it.

I know this is a major fault of mine, but knowing this I try not to complain about the work too much. It keeps everyone happier that way.

We finally finished planting last night. There was a big push to get it done as it was supposed to rain today. And guess finally is. When I woke up to sunny skies I was slightly annoyed. I thought the weatherman was wrong again.

We now have nearly 5000 sq. ft. of yummy veggie goodness waiting to grow and become dinner. I can almost taste them just looking at the rows and rows of potential awaiting us.

I did manage to plant a few flowers, too. Not too many though because for whatever reason flowers and I don't get along so well. I planted one barrel of annuals and hopefully I can keep them alive. Poor things.

I think I'm now going to go grab my book and watch the rain fall. I believe I deserve one afternoon off, don't you?

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