November 17, 2010

My Name in Lights!....Sort of

Way back in the spring I told you all about the National Alpaca Conference. I had entered 4 pictures in the photography contest and came home with 3 ribbons. I was so excited!

That feeling was recently eclipsed when I opened my current issue of Alpacas magazine and saw my photos and my name. They even spelled it right. (I can't begin to tell you how often it's not).

I know that it was just pages of showing the conference winners, but's exciting. This magazine is available on newstands to the public and my name is in it! My alpacas too!


  1. Big Congrats! They look like some great shots.

  2. I haven't looked at my magazine yet. I will surely look at your pics. Congrats! That is something to be excited about.



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