October 16, 2010

4-H Nature Walk

What a great October we're having!! The weather is still nice and warm although it is really, really dry out from lack of rain. There is soooo much sunshine though that I just can't seem to get anything done inside. I feel the need to be out enjoying this sunshine because I know that before too long it will be a distant memory.

This past week was our monthly 4-H meeting and we had planned a nature walk. Our hosts gladly volunteered their land to let us explore.

It was a lot of fun and the kids found so many interesting things. I loved seeing what they thought was worth putting in their collection bags. What one kid thinks is cool the next thinks it's gross. :o)

Most of the kids were astonished to realize there were plants in the wild they could eat! The treat of the walk were the turnips found growing way in the back field. Of course none of the kids would actually try them, just the grown-ups.

I learned there is nothing more exciting to a bunch of kids than the discovery of a play fort (deer blind). They would have played there for hours if we'd let them, but it was supposed to be a nature walk not a nature play.

They all survived the walk and were happy to finally reach home again. I think we should do that more often!


  1. How fun and yes it has been so beautiful. Before long snow will fly and we will be stuck inside. Have a great day. Rebekah

  2. Hello! I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday! Love the pictures of your Fall excursion...I LOVE Fall.

    Please, stop by when you have a moment...I have an ongoing October Giveaway Link-up with LOTS of goodies to enter.


  3. It looks like fun was had by all! 4-H brings back such great memories with my girls:)



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