October 19, 2010

The Only Chore the Kids Beg to do....

Raking leaves!! Do you remember how much fun it was to play in the leaves? Do you remember a time when you would look at all those leaves and think of something other than back breaking work?

Well, the kids have completely taken over leaf raking. They think it's the best thing ever! Nothing like work at all! Yeah for them, but I still think it's a chore. One I am very happy to pass off to them.

I do enjoy watching them enjoy themselves though. They make forts and tunnels and all sorts of other leafy creations before the big haul to the garden. (We compost them into the garden for their soily goodness).

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful to spend time outdoors. It was about 60*, sunny and just lightly breezy. Perfect fall weather!

The kiddos have been out there raking and playing in those leaves for 4 days in a row now, but I took these pics over the weekend.


  1. My daughter is dying to get out and rake leaves. She just had surgery last week and is supposed to be 'taking it easy'. By the time she's cleared to be out raking leaves, she'll be over it LOL

  2. I miss fall in New England with real leaf fall! Not like here in Georgia! Just visiting belatedly through the meet me monday linky!




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