October 07, 2010

Fiber Arts & Animal Festival

Sorry it's been so quiet here folks. I was so busy getting ready for this festival that everything else got pushed to the side. I'm back though and ready to tell you all about this past weekend at the Fiber Arts & Animal Festival.

Last week was a gorgeous week especially when you consider that it was the end of September. 70's in the end of September is an unusual occurrence, but a welcome one. It allowed me to get a bunch of dyeing done.

We spent last Friday packing everything up into 2 trucks and a trailer. It was sunny and warm with just a light breeze. What great weather!

We got up bright and early Saturday morning and all that wonderful weather had abandoned us. It was 40*, rainy and really breezy. Not the way to start an outdoor fiber festival. Off we went though hoping that the rain would end soon.

It took us an hour or so to set up and then we just sat there trying our best to stay warm. I'm not sure it ever even reached 50 that day and it rained and misted and then rained some more.

Despite all that, there was actually a good crowd that went through on Saturday. They were all excited to see our products and of course the alpacas were a huge hit. They were constantly surrounded by a crowd taking pictures and asking all sorts of questions to learn about these animals. Very curious people. I love that!

I was very happy that we had stocked up on socks, gloves and hats for the weekend because we were nearly sold out by Saturday afternoon. It seems no one really realized how cold it was and they were freezing at the festival. Nothing warms you up better than alpaca socks and gloves!

Next to us was a farm that had brought their llamas and an obstacle course for the kids. You would have thought my kids had never walked a llama before because they just had to do it. I guess it's more fun to walk someone else's animals than it is your own. :o)

Sunday was a better weather day overall even though it was still cold. At least the rain and clouds had left us. The kids stayed with Grandma that day so I was able to visit more of the vendors around us.

I fell completely in love with an angora rabbit that was there and bought some of it's fiber. I also bought some mohair to try.

Overall we had a great weekend and I will definitely go back again. The people were great and the location was awesome! I'll just hope that next year the weatherman cooperates.



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