October 25, 2010

Meet Peter Rabbit!

Our little farm just got a little more cute and cuddly this weekend. Instead of just raising alpacas for their awesome fiber, we've now added a second type of super soft and gorgeous fiber to our fiber crop.

Meet Peter the Angora Rabbit!

I swear he is the softest thing I have ever put my hands on and he snuggles! The alpacas may be cute and soft, but they definitely are not snuggly. I like a little furry creature I can pick up and carry to someone to pet.

I've been playing with angora fiber recently and even added some into a yarn I spun the other day. It's great to work with and compliments the alpaca really well. Now I have my own source of angora fiber! :o)

For now I'm stopping at just one, but we'll see how long that lasts. Hehe.


  1. Oh, he is just entirely too adorable!!!

  2. Very cute! I'm your newest follower! Please visit me back! www.jessica62286.blogspot.com

  3. Shhh. don't tell anyone, but I'm afraid of rabbits. One bit me when I was a kid and now I can't see one without peeing my pants just a little bit. Yours is so cute, I could maybe be in the same room with him.

  4. Such a darling fluffy! Bet ya can't stop at just one! LOL

  5. What a cutie pie! Too bad I'm allergic to angora!

  6. Oh, so cute!! My lop-eared rabbits used to get surly if you didn't handle them every day. I hope Peter Rabbit has a better temperment!

  7. Hello, I happened across your blog today and really like it! Your bunny is so cute! My sister has an angora and gave me some of the fiber to spin. It was so soft! I have even seen a video of a lady spinning the fiber right off the bunny!



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