October 11, 2010

Our Newest Baby Alpaca - Wendy

We had one more little alpaca cria (baby) we were waiting for this month and although momma wasn't due for a couple weeks I was hoping she would decide to have her little one during this warm stretch of weather we've been having.

Well, as luck would have it, she choose this last Friday to introduce her wee one to the world. I couldn't have asked for better weather than 80's in October! This little one would have a super weekend to get used to the world.

I had barely gone back to the house after feeding the critters when the hubs yelled for me to come back. She must have waited until I wasn't looking because when I came back there was a head and legs sticking out. All of the other mommas knew what was happening, but they still had to check it out.

Within minutes there was the darkest alpaca I have ever seen! A complete solid black from the nose to the toes! A lot of times when a black alpaca is born, their fiber can look brown on the tips, but there is no brownish tints anywhere on this little one.

Oh, the best part of all......it's a girl!!! After having all boys last year and the first baby this year was a boy, 2 girls in a row is like a breath of fresh air.

A lot of times the babies don't get names for a few days because you want something that really fits them, but her name was a piece of cake. She's all black and born in the month of October. She's got to have a Halloweeny name, right?

Officially her name is Tomorrow's Bewitched, but to us she is Wendy (like the good witch). She is a spunky little thing and is already learning some independence from mom.

I tried to get a video of her walking around the first hour, but another one of babies decided he needed some air time too!

I did finally get a cute little video of Wendy so you can see just how adorable she is!!


  1. Wendy is such a sweet cria! She has knobby knees and kinda looks like a giraffe. And her name fits her well! She looks like a Wendy! I want an alpaca herd...

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    Thanks :)

    We LOVE alpacas - my hubby is always asking if we can get one, and gets VERY upset when I tell him we just don't have the room. He has been talking about them for the last year!

  3. Very cute!!! congrats on the new addition and thanks for sharing the video.

  4. I just heart alpacas!!! As soon as we get a bigger place I'm getting two! Maybe Wendy will have her own cria by then!
    smiles and warmest congrats!



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