February 17, 2010

Fiber Fun Wednesday -- Crayola Fantasies

I have found my fiber passion!!

I love my alpacas and playing with the fiber they have lovingly donated is great, but what fun a little dye can give.

Our farm is now officially a reseller of Greener Shades dyes. These are environmentally friendly, organic and very colorfast. I got my first shipment this past Friday and the box was HUGE!! 120 little bottles of dye in multiple colors. I guess I went a little crazy, but hey, I had to stock the online store.

Of course I had to play with some of them myself. I was hesitant at first, but once I got going I had a blast. It's all about the chemistry, but this is really, really fun chemistry. Do I hear a school lesson? Oh, the kids just ran the other direction.

When dyeing, the color just kind of floats around in the pot until the temperature and PH are just were they need to be. Once they are, the color bonding is almost instantaneous. One minute colored water, the next colored fiber and clear water. Very awesome!!

So of course, I'm now like a kid with my first box of crayons. There are so many pictures I want to create and so many colors I want to try. I'm glad I have so much fiber to play with because I have to make every color I can think of. I've gone completely color crazy!

I even dream fiber colors now. I have to keep a sketch book close by to capture the pictures I'm getting in my head. I draw the colors and how I want to card them up.

Who would have thought all those years of art classes would come in handy. If only my art teacher could see me now.

If you want to experience the fun of dyeing fiber please visit our online store for Greener Shades dyes.

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