February 09, 2010

Will it snow?

All weekend long we've been hearing threats of winter snow coming. Snow, snow and more snow. Up to 14" they say. Well, today is the day and I'm feeling oddly disappointed.

With thoughts of the last blizzard on the east coast and the predictions of the weatherman, I spent the weekend making sure we were ready for whatever Mother Nature sent our way. We filled the basement with wood, made sure the fireplace had propane and checked that we had plenty of projects to keep us busy if the power decided to leave us.

I awoke today to discover about an inch of new snow on the ground, but not much more falling. Hmmm....where is it?

The morning has gone by without much more snow, but the wind has picked up. Our drive into town and back was uneventful.

I really enjoy at least one good snow-in during the winter because then I don't feel so guilty about sitting around and just doing nothing. I like watching the snow fall while catching up on TV shows I've missed.

It just doesn't seem like this storm will do it. I hope I'm wrong, but there's just not a lot of snow falling yet.

Is it weird that I want to be snowed in? Even if we lose power, it'll still be fun. On the farm we're prepared for power outages so it's never a big deal.

I guess I'm just looking for a good excuse to catch up on some long neglected projects instead of working or cleaning. Snow or no snow I suppose I can pretend and plant myself in the chair anyway.

Hey...in the time it took to write this it's started snowing!! I can barely see across the street. There may be hope for a snow day after all!

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