February 21, 2010

The Painting Diaries

I love color! .....as if you didn't already know that. My new fiber studio is no exception. It is on it's way to becoming a brilliant purple color.

The thing is....I can't paint. I'm sure at this moment my oldest Andrew is laughing his head off at the thought of me painting anything.

In my defense, I'm getting better. I just have a tendency to paint things that ought not to be painted. Usually I have help, but today I decided to tackle my new studio all by myself. This is how it went...

I put down plastic in hopes that it would catch any spills and drips and then opened the can. So far so good. The first wall got painted with no complications. On to the next.

Hmmm...I really am not good at doing corners or up near the ceiling. In fact if I look close I believe I've painted that nice white ceiling purple in a few places. Drat.

What to do?? Off to Lowe's. I'm going to put ceiling trim up. That'll save me the hassle of trying to make nice neat edges.

Home again and back to painting. First MAJOR problem. While pouring the paint into the tray I slipped on the plastic and spilled the paint....onto the carpet.

Leave the paint and clean the carpet. Now cleaning up stuff I do well and this went really well I think. Can you see where I spilled?

Next wall was fine. No catastrophes.

Halfway down the next wall I see something that doesn't belong. It seems some of the paint I spilled that did land on the plastic had accidentally wiped off on the carpet in a new spot. AHHHH!!!!!

Time to clean the carpet again.

Finally finished with no more incidents, but I'm wearing about as much paint as the wall.

Look I have purple chicken pox! Somehow I ended up painting my butt too. Must have happened when I bent down to get the bottom of the wall. Thank goodness for painting clothes.

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