June 19, 2010

Night #2 of the Great Power Outage of 2010

I am writing this to you tonight in the darkness of my living room. Well, not completely dark since this computer screen is giving off a bit of light. (Thank you laptop and neighbor's wireless internet!).

Now the title may be a bit of an exaggeration, but we are past the 24 hour mark of our power loss with no end in sight. I called the electric company and they are saying that our power should be restored Monday afternoon. Today is Saturday....that's another 48 hours. Grrrr.

It's amazing what you miss when the power is out (flushing toilets) and what you don't (TV). In fact the power went out last night just as I was thinking of taking a shower. Missed that opportunity so I've spent today all stinky and gross. (I know, not an image you really want).

I'm also completely annoyed that I can't get all the things done that I need to get done because I can't use the printer! Maybe this is somebody's cruel way of telling me I need to take a break once in awhile. To that someone....I hear you. Now turn it back on!!


I guess I did have some fun today. I brought the spinning wheel outside where the light was better and spun up some of my new Patriotic batts. They turned out AWESOME!! So pretty! I've also been catching up on the library books I checked out. When I checked those books out, I wasn't sure I'd ever actually read them.

Our neighbors were kind enough to invite us over for dinner and showers. They had a generator running and we grilled out. Oh, did I mention our neighbors are my parents? LOL! Aren't they sweet?

Now I'm sitting here in the dark thinking about what tomorrow may bring and how the heck I'm going to keep the kids from driving me crazy. They think being Amish is boring (their words not mine). I told them I enjoy being a prairie girl, but I still wish I could get some work done.

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  1. I know my guys hate the power out but for me, I enjoy it 100%. We do have 3 artisian wells so that means fresh water 24 hours a day 365 day a year so I'm happy. If a person can have water they can do anything. I don't need the TV, I do enjoy my computer but a few days without it won't hurt either, in fact when we go camping I leave mine at home...they guys...well that's a different story.
    I hope all is fine now. I'm off to read a bit more. Take care and have a blessed day.



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