June 07, 2010

Spring Babies? I Don't Think So.

Patience is a virtue, right?

{Big Dramatic Sigh}

I hope so because waiting can really stink.

When you think of babies on a farm, I bet you think spring. Spring chicks, spring lambs, spring pigs...spring alpacas?? Alpacas are not so accommodating in the spring birthing department.

Alpacas are pregnant for 11 1/2 months. Yes moms, you heard right, eleven and a half months. Can you imagine? Nearly twelve months of carrying some foreign creature around in your belly and then some crazy human says you're supposed to have it yesterday morning.

Alpacas can be bred and deliver at any time of the year, but generally we try for spring or summer births. Easier on mom and definitely easier on baby. Who wants to be dropped on their head in a snow bank?

It seems we will have no spring births on our farm this year, but instead will have summer births since our mommas are holding out on us.

Calculating an alpacas due date is not exactly an exact science. Oh, we know when the deed was done, but that doesn't mean mother nature will have a set time line.

Some "experts" say the average alpaca gestation (pregnancy) is 335 others say 345. Most alpacas will disagree and say they will have that kid whenever they darn well please and to heck with the "experts".

Last year we had a delivery at day 340, but we also had one that hit day 372. That is a month's difference. Thirty two days gestation difference between the two, but yet neither was considered immature. AHH! This farmer stuff is tough.

Anyway, the whole point is our momma alpacas are coming up on their due dates and this human is getting impatient. Our first up is Lil (short for Little Black Dress). She was supposedly due on June 2nd. Try telling her that. She is now at day 349 and seems to want to keep that little one all to herself a little longer.


Patience is a virtue, right?

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