June 28, 2010

Welcome to the World Little Peanut!

It's an exciting day here at the farm!! The first alpaca baby of the year was finally born. Our beautiful yet stubborn Lil took 371 days to present us with this wee one. That's a really, really long time. She was actually due back on June 2nd so that will give you an idea of how late she actually was.

We've had a few births here on the farm, but those mommas have always hid far, far away when it became time to deliver and I've missed them. I would leave the barn, come back later and poof! magic baby appearance.

Today was our lucky day. Lil decided to deliver right in front of us. Yippee!

After a brief trip to the library and post office we came home to find Lil in labor. It didn't take long for a little nose to appear. That little nose was wiggling and you could see it breathing. Soooo cute!

Not exactly the way you want those little babies to show up though. The front legs should really have been there too.

We gave her a few more minutes, but soon realized she was going to need just a little bit of help. Jim lubed up and in he went. Um, ewww. I was a good girl and didn't get a bit squeamish while he found the legs kind of folded up by the head. He wiggled them out and not long after out popped baby.

Kind of gooey, but such a cute little thing!

We dried him off and soon enough he figured out how to sit up and then stand.

He doesn't have a name yet, but in the meantime he's just little peanut.

Here's a little video I uploaded that shows him learning to walk.


  1. So cute. I just found your blog. I love it!

    I am curious about the Mama's tail...I'll keep reading.


  2. Little peanut is gorgeous!! I'll show this video to my son later!

  3. Jami - Her tail looks so funny because we wrapped it to keep the area clean and also out of the way while we had to assist. Maybe I should have picked a color other than red. :o)

  4. Happy Tuesday!

    omg this is awesome. 371 days?!?! OMG! I've always wanted to have an Alpaca farm!

  5. Your new follower through Tuesday Tag-Along, would love to have you as a follower too. :)

    What a thing to watch, so beautiful!!

    Have a great week!!!

    Luster Canyon Blog

  6. ah....so cute! The girls and I would love to have alpacas some day so we could use the fiber. Great video!

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  8. Aww, so cute!! I can't wait to see what you name the little peanut!

  9. Hi there. I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday. Your blog is so cute and so is this little animal. I hope you will stop by and join me at www.skinnyonadime.com

    Have a great day.



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