June 29, 2010

Recipe of the week -- Tri-Color Pasta Salad

I'll be the first to admit that probably everyone has their own version of this, but I thought I'd pass mine along as a possible inspiration. I had grand plans to put up a great 4th of July recipe. I was going to make it yesterday, photograph it and put it up, but I got just a wee but distracted by this guy.

His momma went into labor early in the afternoon and he was delivered about 4pm. All is well and he's a cute, spunky little thing, but needless to say I did not get my recipe done.

So I'm going with a favorite that I haven't posted before, but happened to have one (not the best) photo of.

Tri-Color Pasta Salad

1 lb. tri-color rotini
4 oz. pepperoni (sliced or diced)
1 small can sliced olives
1 cup mozzarella cheese
16 oz. bottle of Italian dressing, divided

Cook the pasta according to the box directions. Make sure not to overcook the pasta. This will make your salad less than tasty. When your pasta is finished cooking drain it and rinse with cold water to cool it off. This will stop the cooking process and make assembling the salad easier.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine the pepperoni, olives and cheese. Add the cooled pasta.

Add the dressing a little at a time until the pasta looks coated, but not not soupy, about a cup.

Refrigerate until ready to eat. When ready to serve, add more dressing if the pasta looks dry.

This salad is easily customizable. You can add more or less pepperoni, chopped peppers, chopped onions. I have even added cooked salad shrimp before. Yummy!

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  1. Your version sounds pretty darn good to me! - www.delightfulcountrycookin.com

  2. I am a new follower and am excited to start following!!:)

  3. He is such a cutie! Come join me for What's On the Menu Wednesday whenever you can. I would love to see you there.



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