July 15, 2010

Crafty Friday 7/16

Calling all crafters or crafter wanna-bees! This is the perfect place to share everything you've been up to.

This week I've been trying desperately to finish up some projects that have been left behind due to other projects. One of them is this beautiful baby bonnet for my soon to arrive niece. Shhhhh.....don't tell my sister. It's her shower gift on Saturday. ;)

I just finished it about 5 minutes ago and then sat down to share it with you.

I've never knit a bonnet before. I've made lots of hats, but they were round. This is the first real project I've done that had seaming in it and it was easy!!

I found the cutest pattern here from Drops Design. It's European so it's mostly in metric measurements, but I'll give them credit because they did try and "Americanize" it a bit. I thought it was pretty easy to understand after I figured out how to read the lace chart. More on that here.

I'm happy to report it turned out wonderful and I can definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking to make a baby gift. And a big thanks to Rachel for modeling this bonnet so well!

What have you been up to?

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  1. I goofed up. My info was already there and when I hit enter, I thought it was taking me to where I could change my url, so I accidentally linked a previous project. Take away my license to blog lol. So that's why there are 2 from me!

  2. Stopping by from Follow Me Chickadee! Your Crafty Fridays sounds like fun! And I just love that baby bonnet. Great job!

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  9. Great job! I am learning how to crochet and just finished my first sun hat for my daughter. Following from surfin saturday. Have a great weekend!



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